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Classic Vehicle Suspension and Brake upgrades

Most cars when they leave the showroom, drive smooth and stop well for the average driver and for everyday road use. But for the enthusiastic drivers out there including myself, we are always wanting more. There is nothing more fun than taking your car around a race track and pushing it to its limits to see what it can do. But with some cars the factory suspension and brakes aren't quite enough to keep you satisfied and begin to hold you back and can make driving at speed a dangerous thing.

People also turn around when they see a classic car being driven hard that there unsafe to be driven at those sort of speeds, well this isn't quite true, the design of the suspension and braking systems may be outdated, but that doesn't make it un-safe, what does make it un-safe is having worn out components in these systems.

With today's improvements in technology and designs its possible to fit a more modern suspension, steering or braking system to your classic car, greatly improving the driving experience of your pride and joy.

So weather its a simple suspension rebuild to keep things back to how they should have looked when they left the factory or an upgrade to something more modern, Back to Life Cars can cater for your needs.

All makes and models catered for.

Vintage Ford Mustang and Classic American Vehicle Specialists.

Engine Rebuilds, MOT Repairs, Servicing, Welding.

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