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Vehicle wiring can sometimes look rather complex, but the truth is, once you understand how the systems work and what each component does then its actually rather simple to work with. The electrical systems on most classic vehicles are very basic and easy to work with, but the problem with classic vehicle wiring is over the years the wiring goes hard and becomes brittle and can break. When this happens things stop working and worse case scenario can cause an electrical fire which can spread quickly. Sometimes its best to replace worn out electrical cables before they start to cause a problem in the first place.

Understanding how a vehicles wiring system works is also useful for being able to upgrade it and modify certain things. With today's technological advances in electrics it makes sense to upgrade certain things on your car such as vehicle lighting systems and sound systems. Its possible to convert your old headlamps to modern HID units and still retain the factory look of your car and even the dim rear lamps and indicators with bright LED's to help other road users see you car. Also on classic American vehicles made after 1965, UK law states they must have amber rear indicators for them to be road legal, the problem being, for most of these cars, amber indicators are not available to buy and another solution must be found, most commonly re-wiring the reverse lights to act as indicators, this making the car legal and safe to drive on the road. Reverse lights are not required to keep a car legal, nor are they checked as part of an MOT test so this modification keeps your car legal.

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