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Classic American Car Restoration, Chelmsford Essex

Back to Life Cars is a small business based on the outskirts of Chelmsford in Essex, dedicated to providing its customers with a top quality service at an affordable price. The customer's needs and satisfaction with our workmanship are our main priority. We specialise in first generation Ford Mustangs along with all pre 80s Classic American vehicles in general and take great pride and enjoyment in looking after your pride and joy, by keeping it on the road. We carry out everything from a simple oil change to a full restoration with 95% of the work carried out in house by our fully trained staff. At Back To Life Cars your dream is our dream and if you can dream it, then we can build it.

Whether its a Chevy, Ford, Muscle Car, Hot Rod, Fins ‘n Chrome cruiser or even a race car, if you're looking for a specialist for your specialist vehicle then give us a call. To find out more about Back to Life Cars or speak to us about booking your vehicle in, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Please note: Visiting by appointment only

Engine Rebuilds

Whether it's a simple oil or coolant leak or a full engine re-build, Back to Life Cars can have your engine running smoothly again. If your cars engine has seen better days and needs some attention please give us a call to discuss things in more detail.


There is only one correct way to repair a rusty car. Cut out the rust from the affected area right back until you find clean steel

At Back to Life Cars we take great pride in repairing rusty cars and returning them to their former glory so that they can be used once again with pride.


Even though your classic might only see the road a few thousand miles a year it still requires regular maintenance just like your daily driven car, in fact due to the age of your classic it most likely requires even more maintenance than your daily car. We can take care of anything from a simple oil change to a full service and inspection. Some simple tasks can even be taken care of while you wait.


MOT Repairs and preparation work

We have vast experience in what is involved in one and what it takes for a car to pass or fail.

If your car has failed its MOT or you have a classic vehicle that has been stored away for some time and are looking at getting it back on the road, then please give us a call to discuss what it needs to get it through its MOT and back on the road safely.

Electrical Work

With today's technological advances in electrics it makes sense to upgrade certain things on your car such as vehicle lighting systems and sound systems. Its possible to convert your old headlamps to modern HID units and still retain the factory look of your car and even the dim rear lamps and indicators with bright LED's to help other road users see you car.

Modifications and Custom works

You always wanted the car of your dreams and now you have it, but perhaps certain things about it you would have designed differently or changed. Well there is nothing stopping you now. Whether it's changing the style of the cars body, upgrading the car to have modern luxuries such as power steering, power disc brakes, air conditioning, electric windows, remote central locking, electronic boot release, upgrading the cars running gear or chassis or even the cars performance of the engine, why not give Back to Life Cars a call and discuss making the car you've always wanted, how you want it.

Suspension and Brake upgrades

With today's improvements in technology and designs its possible to fit a more modern suspension, steering or braking system to your classic car, greatly improving the driving experience of your pride and joy.

So whether it's a simple suspension rebuild to keep things back to how they should have looked when they left the factory or an upgrade to something more modern, Back to Life Cars can cater for your needs.


All pre 1980s classic American vehicles catered for no matter which make, model or age.

Vintage Ford Mustang and Classic American Vehicle Specialists.

Engine Rebuilds, MOT Repairs, Servicing, Welding.

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