Did you know your vehicles brake fluid should be changed every 2 years? Brake fluid is the hydraulic fluid that is one of the critical components in your vehicles braking system making you stop. It is also classed as a hygroscopic fluid, which means that over time is absorbs water. When brake fluid absorbs water, it lowers the boiling point of the fluid. Now under braking, the brake fluid along with the rest of the braking system gets hot, with a reduced boiling point of your vehicles brake fluid, it is possible for the brake fluid itself to actually boil, just like water, if this happens your brake pedal will feel rock solid and no matter how hard you press it, the car will not stop. This can be just as dangerous as driving a car with worn out brake discs and pads.

Brake fluid is an often overlooked serviceable item of a car and it should be changed every 2 years to keep the braking hydraulic system working safely and efficiently. Having the fluid changed every 2 years will also prolong the other components of the braking system such as callipers and rubber seals by keeping moisture out. You wouldn't ignore a set of worn out brake pads, so why leave the brake fluid un-changed. Call us today to book your car in for a brake fluid change and to stay safe on the road.