1976 Land Rover Series 3
Something a little different for us this time, the owner of this classic Land Rover contacted us about replacing a section of the passenger front footwell/bulkhead area and whilst not an American vehicle, its still a classic in its own right and rusted steel is one of our specialities:

This was the area that needed attention:

As you can see it has been plated and patched in the past several times and is still rusted out in several places:

So we cut out the entire section:

Cutting out the entire rusted and patched area and starting again with it is the only way to ensure the rust won't come back and will leave a much neater looking job:

The owner of the vehicle supplied us with a repair section which we trimmed to fit and made holes for the plug welds to be done:

We welded the repair section in place and ground the welds:

The owner of the vehicle wanted to finish the repairs himself and asked us not to paint or seam seal the repair so we mounted the heater box back in and the job was complete: