1973 Chevrolet Corvette
The owner of this car brought it into us to carry out a few maintainence jobs:

First was the power steering control valve, it was leaking quite badly:

First job is to remove the valve:

Then completly strip it and clean all the individual parts:

A rebuild kit is available for the valve to repair it rather than replace it:

The repair kit installed and all cleaned and re-assembled:

Fitted back on the car and adjusted:

Next job was to carry out an engine oil and filter change:

Then install new splash shields on the front inner wheel arches:

First the passenger side:

Then the driver's side:

This will stop water getting into the engine bay when driving:

Then we had to replace the fuel filter set up:

The hoses where all cracked:

And we replaced the glass item with a polished metal version as the glass can crack over time due to the engine bay temperature changes:

The last job was to replace the engine mounts, the mount on the left should be 1 piece but has completly torn in two. The mount on the right is the replacement: