1968 Triumph GT6
This Triumph came into us with an issue with the throttle sticking and for a replacement pair of headlights:

Straight away we noticed that the throttle cable was the wrong cable, it had the incorrect fitting on it where it enters the bulkhead causing the cable to jump up and down on the bulkhead and jam the throttle open, also the cable was the wrong length causing it to hit the bonnet when it was closed and make the pedal stiff to operate:

We sourced a replacment correct cable:

Then installed it correctly and routed it the correct way so that it doesn't hit anything and operated smoothly:

The other thing we had to do on the car was supply a new pair of headlamps, the car was previously involved in an accident on the driver's side front corner damaging the body work of the vehicle and the headlamp. The car will be going into a paintshop to have the body repaired once it leaves us but the owner asked us to supply a new pair of lamps so that the paintshop will have a new lamp ready to fit once the body is repaired. We said we would install the passenger one so that the paint shop knows they are the correct lamps, this is the before shot:

We removed the original lamp:

And were able to source the correct new lamps and new bulbs for the car:

Then installed the new passenger lamp and left the new driver's one in the car for the paint shop: