1962 Chevrolet Corvette
This beautiful 1962 Chevrolet Corvette came into us because it was running a little rough and cutting out, also the owner wanted to give it a good service and check over to sort any issues out on it:

The first thing we did was investigate the rough running and cutting out issues. We traced the problems to various issues with the carburetor:

Due to the cost of a carburetor rebuild and the fact there was excess play in the spindles and wear in the carburetor body, we discussed with the customer fitting a brand new carburetor to the car as opposed to rebuilding the original and he agreed this was the best way to go. We chose an Edelbrock AVS 2 carburetor to go onto the engine:

And bolted it in place of the original and hooked up the linkage, fuel line and electric choke set up. We put the original set up back in the box and gave it back to customer so that if he was to sell the car, he still has the original set up which can always be rebuilt in the future:

We were able to adapt the original air filter onto the new carburetor set up by modifying the base of a new air filter housing so that it would accept the original style filter top and filter size, thus keeping the engine looking as original as possible:

One of the problems with classic cars is that they don't get used very often, this means that when you do go to use them the battery is often dead and needs to be charged back up before you can use the car. The owner of this car espicaially hated having to open his bonnet to charge the battery as being an old fibreglass car there were plenty of stress cracks in the body and paint work. We decided to install a trickle charger set up on the car and hide the connector behind the front number plate for easy and quick access:

You just hook up the trickle charge to the mains supply at home and connect the other end up to the plug on the car:

This means that whilst your not using the car over the winter months or rainy weekends, the battery is kept at full charge, ready for when you want to use the car again, not needing to open the bonnet at all:

One thing the customer complained of was the headlamps working intermitantly, check the power supply out of the switch and found this was fine, we checked the power supply at the headlamps and found there was no power there so there had to be a break in the wiring somewhere between the switch and the lamps, we followed the wiring back and found this lot low down in the engine bay:

Along with the broken headlamp power supply wire:

We replaced the wire as it was very brittle and had lots of little breaks forming in it and then loom wrapped the rest of the wiring in this area to tidy up and protect it:

Next up on the list of things to fix was the wonky steering wheel and the indicators that didn't work correctly:

We removed the steering wheel and found the cause of the indicator problems was that the indicator stalk housing was loose, so moving the indicator switch was moving the complete housing and not the actual switch:

After getting the indicator switch housing secured back in place we fitting the steering wheel back on in the correct place so that when your driving straight the wheel is straight:

Next up we got the car up on the ramp and all the wheels off and gave it a good check over for the service:

Then made a list of things we needed and got the parts ordered in:

We pulled all the brakes appart to check them over:

And found that one of the rear wheel cylinders was leaking:

So we removed the leaking wheel cylinder:

And replaced it with a brand new one:

Then moved onto the front brakes:

Which had lots of cracks in the brake shoes:

We sourced new brake shoes for the front brakes and stripped the old ones off:

Then cleaned the backing plates and applied fresh grease to all the areas that required it:

Then re-assembled the brakes with the new shoes and adjusted them correctly. With the car serviced and everything checked and adjusted, all the non working items now working and the engine tuned and running correctly the owner was now very happy with the car: