1957 Cadillac Eldorado
The owner of this stunning 1957 Cadillac Eldorado contacted us with a fuel leak issue so we arranged to have the car recovered into us on a truck for safety reasons:

The first thing we did was investiage the fuel line from front to rear, under the bonnet we noticed the mechanical pump had been bypassed so assumed there must be an electric pump somewhere in the system, also the glass fuel filter was rubbing on the oil filler cap:

The fuel line then ran through the chassis as a rubber hose still and then onto a steel hardline which ran the length of the vehicle:

And then went back to a rubber hose in the wheel arch:

Then onto the outlet for the mechanical pump:

The cause of the leak was the rubber hose than ran around the rear wheel arch and onto the pump, it was completly split the entire length of the hose:

We decided to replace the entire fuel line set from pump to carburettor also changing the design of the hardline so that there can be as little rubber connection as possible so it will last longer and have less chance of future leaks. First we fabricated a new fuel hard line:

We also replace the fitting into the carburettor as the orignal one never had a flared end meaning the hose could come off, we also moved the fuel filter along and replaced it with a new one:

We than ran the new hard line through the chassis and clipped it into place with rubber lines stainless steel P clips, this will stop it rubbing on the chassis unlike the original rubber line which was chaffing away:

Then ran the hardline along the body in its original location and secured it back up using the original clips:

Then ran the hardline up around the wheel arch again securing it with stainless steel fasteners:

It now has a very short piece of rubber hose front and rear. We also replaced all the rubber hose and hose clips with new items meaning this Cadilliac is back on the road and will have trouble free fuel line issues for many years to come: