Weather its a 6 month old car or a 60 year old car, we can service it. If you have a brand new car that is still under warranty, we can still service it by using genuine parts, and this will enable you to still keep your vehicles warranty. Back to Life Cars offers 2 basic services, a small service and a big service, to find out what these 2 services include, you can find out more information below:

The small/interim service: Cars that only do a small amount of miles every year realistically don't require as much work to be done on them as higher mileage cars do, but they still need the bare essentials to keep them running smoothly. A small service at Back to Life Cars includes: engine oil and filter change, removal of both front wheels to give a full check of the front suspension and braking system, an under vehicle check and under bonnet check, setting of the tyre pressures on all 4 wheels including the spare if your vehicle has one, greasing of all door, boot and bonnet hinges, top up of all the vehicles fluids including an anti-freeze report, checking of all the vehicles exterior and interior lights and controls, seat belt check, service light reset, service book stamp and a written report of the overall service and what been done or needs doing to it.

The big/full service: Cars that cover a high mileage every year, or that have had a small service last year should receive a big service. A Back to Life Cars big service includes: everything listed on the small service, as well as removal of both rear wheels to give a full check of the rear suspension and braking system, adjustment of the vehicles hand brake, air filter change, cabin filter change, fuel filter change and spark plug change on petrol vehicles.

These are the 2 basic services that Back to Life Cars have to offer but if you would like to add items to a service or service your car your way, for example, a small service along with an air filter and rear brake check, then please let us know when booking your car in.

As every vehicle is different its difficult for us to list a price online for servicing every make and model of vehicle, but if you would like to find out more about having your vehicle serviced or a price for it, then please contact us with your vehicles registration number for further information.